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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Wordy Or Not So Wordy Wednesday


Sunday March 6th, my peanut turned four years old.  It has been so fast these past four years.  Feels like just yesterday I was laying in that hospital bed having my beautiful daughter.

Peanut celebrated her fourth birthday at Going Bonkers.  She really enjoys being at that place

All Peanut's birthday guests, mainly cousins

Peanut being goofy with her birthday cake

Peanut needed help from mommy to blow out her candles

My mom got peanut a microphone for her bday so she can sing Single Ladies by Beyonce,  I should have never taught her that song haha.

Me and my beautiful daughter.  She had an awesome birthday party, and really got a lot of good gifts.  I just wish that I could push the pause button and stop her from growing up.  They don't lie when they say children grow up way to fast.  I just hope that we have an awesome relationship when she gets older like I have with my mommy.

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