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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Wordy Or Not So Wordy Wednesday


Since it has been so cold the last few weeks, Peanut and me have been spending a lot of quality time in the house.  We been having pretend birthday parties for the cats, pretend tea parties and just plain playing with toys.  Tonight, we decided to make our birdy house that I had bought for us to do.  As we were making our birdy house, Peanut kept telling me how I am a good painter because I am a nurse.   She is amazed with my job, which is kinda neat.  She also had to tell me several times that she is going to be a nurse when she gets big.  Honestly, this makes me happy to hear that she wants to follow in my footsteps, which I know will probably change when she gets older.

Peanut with all the supplies laid out to make her birdy house

The birdy house put together and ready to be painted

Peanut painting her birdy house, she really had a good time

Peanut with her completed birdy house, she chose the colors all by herself, and she even informed me that her birdy house is going to be taken to my parents campground.  Damn the luck thought we could decorate our yard with it. Haha

The birdy house hanging to dry

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  1. She looks so proud of the work she did, which is actually pretty good.


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