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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wordy Or Not So Wordy Wednesday


I am so glad that winter is almost officially over, I love when it is spring time.  I am so ready to start decorating my yard and getting ready for the warm months.  We got lucky this week and had a few nice days, that were unseasonably warm.  But of course, according to the farmer's almanac we are supposed to get more snow, and I am starting to believe it because it is back down in the 20's

Peanut playing on her swingset on one of the nice days this week

Peanut was so excited that she finally got to play outside without freezing, she even asked if we could go swimming in her pool.  She is so funny at times.

Mary Jane, my black lab/ boxer mix was even excited about the weather, Look she is smiling

My two babies, Peanut and Mary Jane.  Peanut loves her doggy, even though she is twice Peanuts size

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  1. I sure do hope it gets warm soon! We are covered in snow here again. I'm ready for summer!!!! Cute pics. Following you now!


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