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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thank Goodness It Is All Over

I am so glad that the holidays are coming to an end, don't get me wrong I really truly enjoy spending time with my family and having the holiday spirit.  But, the holidays really put a strain on my household chores.  We finally got all of our stuff put away and our house back to normal, a week later.
My family had an awesome christmas this year.  We loved everything that we got from Santa.  I got stuff to decorate my bedroom, redoing it in moons, stars and suns.  So exciting.  And for Peanut, she got way more than enough toys.

My happy little family on christmas with our gifts, at my mom's (traci66) house


  1. Glad you guys had a great Christmas. I know what you mean, I too love the holidays but boy the house sure became a mess. Finally getting things back to normal around here too.

  2. Looks like a great Christmas!
    I didn't know Traci was your mom!! That is so awesome!


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