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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Wordy Or Not So Wordy Wednesday


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My daughter and I have been getting ready for Christmas time, and have been spending a lot of quality time together the last few days.  On the 11th of December, we went and saw Santa Clause and we even saw a real live reindeer.  We have been working on getting all of our presents wrapped and let me tell you we aren't getting much done due to my cats messing with everything.  My peanut even had to play in the little bit of snow that has fallen. 

Our christmas tree before the cats got a hold of it.
I was so excited that peanut actually sat on Santa's lap this year.
When I asked Peanut if she was going to sit on Santa's lap, she said "I will think about it"
Vixen the real live reindeer
Fritz inside my christmas tree

Spook thought we needed help with the wrapping
Peanut picking up snow to make a snowball, Said she was going to throw them at me


  1. Go ahead baby girl, mommy loves snow balls.

  2. What fun! You have a gorgeous little girl!

    I'm following from Keepin Company Thursday. You'd have fun at www.magicalmouseschoolhouse.com, where Disney IS school. Today's post is on Christmas at Disney's California Adventure (Disneyland). Hope you can stop by!

  3. Love your tree, stopping by from your moms blog



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