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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Peanut's First Slumber Party

On Thursday, January 13th, Peanut went to her first slumber party.  My sister-in-law kept my daughter and my sister's daughter all night.  She is a brave soul.  The girls had pizza, played dress up and even received manicures.  They all had a blast.
Peanut and my two neices

The girls eating their pizza, Peanut is the one to the right
Getting their manicures from my sister-in-law
Peanut letting her nails dry after her manicure
The little diva's showing off their painted nails
All snug in their sleeping bags, getting ready for bed.  They were out by 830pm.  Now only if I could get Peanut  to go to sleep that early when she is at home. 

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