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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Social Parade On Friday

Smart and Trendy Moms

* Follow the blog in the first spot(That is this one!). I will follow all on the linky as time allows! All blogs participating must post about Social Parade every week.

* Link-up your blog post for "It's a Social Parade" that you made on your blog. See the F.A.Q and Updates for help

* Follow as many as you like commenting on their POST as you do so they can follow back!

* If you do not make a post and link that up, it is unlikely that someone will search around for a post to comment on.

The Rules!

*Absolutely no links to other blog hops or hops like this!

*No Porn!

*No Giveaways!

*No other crap!

*These rules ensure a little bit of fun!


  1. I like your rules. I will have to try it out when I don't have the grands. I don't get to use the computer when they are here. They play games on it. You have a lovely blog. I wish you would add no music playing to your list. That's the one I hate the most. Doylene

  2. Oh, I couldn't find enough info. I don't know what Social Parade is. I just wrote a Friday blog on large owls. Would I just add the logo to it and link?

  3. New follower from Social Parade Friday
    Hope you can come visit my blog sometime.

    Enjoy the weekend!

  4. I'm now following you! I'd love for you to come do the same if you get a chance. Find all my mommy ramblings @ My Adventures in Mommyland


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