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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Wordy Or Not So Wordy Wednesday


Just a little note to let everyone know what Wordy or not so Wordy is:

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I live in central Illinois, and over the last two days, we have received about four inches of snow.  I personally am amazed how each and every snowflake is a different shape and size.  Not a single one is the same!!!  To entertain Peanut this evening, since it was too cold to play outside, we decided to make our own unique snowflakes out of construction paper.

Our four snowflakes we made.

First, we folded a piece of construction paper and cut it into a square

Then, we folded the square into a cone shape

Next, we used scissors to cut out different designs into the paper. Peanut is really concentrating hard on what she is doing. I ended up cutting them all out because she wasn't really quite sure what to do.

Peanut holding up the piece of paper after cutting the various shapes into it

Peanut is proud of her snowflake

Of course Peanut had to decorate her snowflakes.  She loves to use markers.
We both enjoyed making our snowflakes.  I love doing crafts with Peanut.  She never fails to amaze me at whatever she does. 

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